Eloquent Editing
by Jen MacBride

Eloquent Editing provides writers with clarity and excellence.

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.
     Mark Twain


Stack of Books
A poet can survive everything but a misprint.
     Oscar Wilde

An artist cannot be slovenly.
     Jane Austen

Stack of Books     With close to a decade of professional editing experience, I apply my well-honed language skills, imagination, and intuitive sense of story to my work. My degree in Honours English Literature and a lifetime spent reading have fostered my deep appreciation of diverse subjects, genres, and language itself. My teaching background in elementary and adult education have taught me how to help you unearth your potential as an author.

Old Chest

     I work collaboratively with you to reveal your unique voice while editing your work for logic, clarity, and flow. I edit your punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, character development, accuracy, and grammar. Continuity and consistency are developed and maintained. With meticulous attention to detail, I skillfully and artistically guide you through the process of weaving your manuscript into a unified piece of writing you can be proud to call your own.

     Editing blends teaching, reading, and writing. Always an avid reader, I am skilled at seeking and recognizing the elements that determine quality of writing. In fact, I derive great satisfaction from helping you express yourself by working and reworking the text until it is just right. Through Eloquent Editing, my mission is to provide creativity, clarity, and excellence to the written word.

Once again, thank you for the passion you applied to the manuscript. I feel honoured to work with you.
     Marie Reed, author

Professional, resourceful and clearly in tune with the material. Nothing but a rewarding and heartfelt experience. I knew I was bang on when I went with my gut, and my search led me to you.
     Ryan R. F. Wilkinson, author

Let me just say that I am soooooooo glad that I let you edit my work. You truly have a gift with ensuring flow and grammar. Your suggestions have been very good as well because some of those things I just skimmed over thinking "Oh the reader can imagine that". But if I were to write it out with more clarity then the reader will visualize exactly what I did when I was writing.
     Dudley, author

I am glad to let you know that my article has been accepted by the academic journal Economic Modelling. Again, thanks for your editing work.
      Chenliang, Economics PhD Candidate

Thanks Jen, you are amazing at what you do. I really appreciate all of your suggestions. I hope you're ready for a 5 year client; I suspect I'll have a lot of papers to write ;)
     Jessica, university applicant

As a writer who needs help transferring my many ideas and thoughts onto paper, I found Jen's editing expertise to be invaluable. Not only did she correct my lackluster grammar and sentence structure, but she also got a really good feeling for the characters and plot of the book. This understanding enabled her to identify areas that could use more fleshing out, ask detailed questions about the characters' evolutions, and even point out when something didn't 'sound' like a certain character in order to improve the word choice. I would recommend Jen to anyone as she is kind and easy to work with, and the 'positive' notes in the margins kept me feeling good about the editing experience.
     Ryan Toxopeus, author

I am very impressed by your thoroughness and attention to detail.
     Joanne, author

You were a lot of help and I will definitely recommend you. By the way, I got a 95 on my essay!! Wooo thanks so much! :D
     Brandon, grade twelve student

Thank you for your honesty and friendliness in dealing with me. Your accuracy in correcting my mistakes helps me to write with confidence and feel comfortable speaking. I have learned a lot from you.
     Arwa, ESL student and Masters of Nanotechnology Candidate

Thanks so much. I really appreciate the support and swiftness with which you responded. I look forward to continuing working with you.
     Erasmus, Chemistry PhD Candidate

Thank you! What a great job! That's exactly what I had in mind and it reads so much easier now! I feel inspired to write a few more stories now that I know you're there to embellish and smooth out my ideas and fix my grammar!
     Erick Traplin, author and children's entertainer

Thank you again for your thoughtful editing. You saved my life!
     Areej, Computer Science PhD Candidate

Thank you so much for doing a thorough editing. Very impressive.
      Miriam, student of refugee trauma

Jen's editing has inspired me to take my writing to another level. Her comments and suggestions make you think and dig deeper in order to bring the whole story out.
      Nadine, author

I really love your work, Jen. You are a helpful and trustworthy person. I wish I knew you a long time ago.
      Asmaa, ESL student and Masters of English Candidate

For over three years you have eliminated repetitions, corrected prepositions, and kept me from straying from the active to the passive tense. You have helped me sharpen introductions and conclusions, thereby keeping audiences attentive throughout my speeches. Thank you.
      Richard, public speaker

Your editing brought new precision and clarity to my work. It was not only your critique of style but also your reflection and comments that helped develop and improve my work. If you are looking for both a technical and insightful perspective I would highly recommend Jen.
      David, author

Jen helped me with a grade nine English assignment and I was able to achieve an A+ on my paper. She taught me to look at my paper in a different perspective and to pretend I was the reader. Not only did she fix my grammatical errors but also wrote questions in where something didn't make sense or where more information was needed. This helped me change and correct my work and made the essay make more sense. The editing process she uses is practical and easy to understand.
      Jordan, high school student

Academic Editing

I provide impeccable copyediting and substantive editing for your essays, assignments, research proposals, theses, dissertations, and articles for academic publication. I check your punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, sentence variety, coherency, and grammar while always considering logic, clarity, and flow. I ensure that your work meets your chosen style guidelines (APA, MLA, Chicago or other) and specific expectations required by your course of study. My rate is $4.50 per page (250 words) with a minimum rate of $18.00 per project. An additional 10% rush fee may be applied to last-minute projects requiring editing on weekends, late nights, and statutory holidays.

* Welcome new clients! Enjoy 15% off your first project! *

Editing for Creative and Professional Writers

I provide impeccable copyediting and intuitive substantive editing for your novels, short stories, poetry, prose, textbooks, recipe books, memoirs, speeches, resumes, cover letters, and job applications. I work collaboratively with you to maintain the unique voice within your writing while editing your work for logic, clarity, and flow. I check your punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, sentence variety, coherency, and grammar. With meticulous attention to detail, I examine each word and sentence and gather the pieces together until they form one unified piece of writing you can be proud to call your own. For creative and professional projects, my rate is $4.50 per page (250 words) with a minimum rate of $18.00 per project. This rate includes copyediting of a second draft. I will remain available to provide additional help with subsequent drafts as needed for an additional fee. Please contact me directly with a description of your work and your editing requirements.


Additional HST/GST tax may apply. When you send your document for editing, please inform me of your geographical location for tax purposes. Tax rates are outlined below:

  • Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick - HST - 13%
  • BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon, and Quebec - GST 5%
  • Nova Scotia - HST 15%
  • Prince Edward Island - HST 14%
  • non-resident of Canada - no tax

Terms of Service

Online payment options include Interac e-Transfer or PayPal. For new clients, full payment is required before delivery of edited documents.

I am proud to have edited over 150 books (and counting) in a wide variety of genres by unique and talented authors available at Tellwell’s online bookstore: http://tellwell.ca/our-books

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Please send an email with a description of your project, editing and style requirements, timelines, and any further questions or comments to

I will respond to your query and edit your work in a timely manner.

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